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New Appliances: Brent Holsten 804-359-9511

Used Appliances: Brandon Becsi 804-516-4430


Appliance Repair 

Oliver Appliance Company: Mr. Oliver 804-216-2289

Dan Clay Appliances: 804-749-3996

Little Appliances: 804-222-3871



Dave Johannes 804-358-4993

Scott Fowler 804-869-6800


Asbestos Specialist 

Will Booker 804-254-1030



Frank Morton 804-320-6600



Prosperity Mortgage: Brian Haug 804-539-8666


Cable Installation 

Robbie 804-864-0373



Tim Mauney 804-678-8660

Steve Struder 804-306-5965



Ernies Carpet Cuts 804-291-9300


Carpet Cleaning 

Joe’s Carpet Cleaning: Joe Seamster 804-748-0160


Ceramic Tile & Marble 

Eddie Gifford 804-690-2667


Chimney Service 

Charles Payne 804-346-0015

Cougot’s Chimney Service 804-798-0855


Computer Services 

Chris Collier 804-677-3159


Dog Boarding 

Break of Dawn Kennels 804-795-5933



Slagle Electric: Cadie 804-514-6861


Equipment for the Disabled 

Mobility Center of Virginia: Lee & Kaye Crenshaw 804-357-2654



Minor’s Fences, Inc.: Bill Winter 804-752-0096



Costen Floors: Tripp Costen 804-527-2929

Mike Myer’s Floor Company 804-734-1461 or 804-908-6198

Rodney Jackson 804-363-7621

Richmond Decorating: Mark Wolfe 804-346-1822

General Home Repair 

Tim Mauney 804-678-8660

Painting Solutions: Greg Boothe 804-869-0990

Hagy Construction: Everette Hagy 804-402-5432

John Rigowski 804-513-7898

Andy Vaughn 804-382-7171


Generator Sales & Service 

Carter Machinery: Joey Capelli 804-652-9490


Glass, Mirrors & Remodeling 

A.C. Glass 804-798-7713


Home Inspection 

Rusty Rothrock 804-334-3307


Home Theater (Audio & Visual) 

Sound & Image Design, Inc.: Graham Hickerson 804-741-5816 or visit

Dave Jones (installation only) 804-938-8588


Homeowner’s Insurance & Vehicle Insurance 

Sierra MaGee 804-320-0129



Lyn Knight 804-216-2052


House Staging (Real Estate Showings) 

Denise Blaha 804-314-5456

Transformations by Diana: Diana Ragsdale (o) 804-744-6685 (c) 804-837-9220

Sterling Home Staging: Kay Tyler 804-240-4828

Jennifer Walker 804-516-8278



Blankenship Mechanical: Mark 804-366-5821

Roye Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 804-437-3575

Woodfin Heating & Oil: Marshall Wolf 804-764-4504

Hale’s Heating & Air Conditioning 804-751-0226



Lakeside Insulation 804-262-9936


Interior Design 

Interior Design by Michael, Cabin Creek 804-639-2510


Interlocking Pavers 

Andrew Page 804-310-8510



ORC Grounds: David Cooke 804-516-9104

Somerset Irrigation: Chris Tiller (o) 804-270-5694 (c) 804-690-7824


Junk Removal 

Clutter Cleaners 804-335-8353


Kitchen Remodeling & Design 

Classic Kitchens of Virginia, Inc.: Matt Gunn 804-784-5075


Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance 

ORC Grounds: David Cooke 804-516-9104

Peter & Cassandra Droujinski (o) 804-751-5372 (c) 804-502-2804

Steven Proffitt 804-399-6704


Charlie’s Lockshop 804-355-3406


Marble Specialist 

Ken Frank 703-507-2910 or 540-710-9461


Mobile Car Wash 

Creative Enterprises: Scott 804-353-8833


Mold Remediation 

Robert Rose 804-641-6317


Mortgage Broker 

Prosperity Mortgage: William Woodfin III NMLSR #364742 | 804-379-7612 or 804-513-7162


Mortgage Disability & Life Protection 

FSVLLC: Jonathan Kennedy 804-272-1400 ext. 232


Moving & Storage 

Hilldrup Moving: Marleen 804-359-5959

PODS 804-342-7637

Star Movers: Big Daddy (o) 804-226-2060 (c) 804-305-1642

Starving Students 804-278-9884



Painting Solutions: Greg Booth 804-869-0990



Merle Glidewell 804-836-3800

Roye Plumbing & Heating, Inc.: Steve Dalton 804-437-3575

D.L. Jones Plumbing 804-515-8282

J.H. Chappel Plumbing 804-755-6034


Pressure Washing 

Billy Thompson 804-355-7116

Top Gun 804-334-6781

Pressure Wash it Clean: Bobby Williams 804-343-1116



Mike’s Roofing and Siding 804-739-7364

The Roof Doctor 804-270-4886

Paul Sanders Roofing: Graham Austin 804-353-9919

Integrity Roofing 804-356-4728


Structural Engineers 

Everett Mish 804-285-3346

Stable Foundations 804-798-7880


Termite Control 

Loyal Pest Control  


Tree Removal 

Trees “R” Us Tree Service: Ivan Diaz 804-244-1901

Ismael Sousa 804-855-8866

Wells Tree Service 804-266-0521


Tub Re-Glazing 

J Quackenbush Refinishing 804-909-6287


Waterproofing/Moisture Remediation 

A & R Waterproofing 804-648-7708



Certified Septic: Janice Carter 807-779-2367


Window Treatments 

Cabin Creek Interiors 804-304-5090


Window Washing 

Top Gun 804-334-66781

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