Imagine: You recently bought your dream house and began settling your family into their new home. Shortly after moving in, you realize there’s a leak in the ceiling, an outlet on the back deck that doesn’t work, and the front steps are separating from the porch.

While these don’t sound like costly repairs on the surface, often times they can lead to more expensive repairs tying to bigger issues. That leak could mean in-depth roof repair; the outlet on the back deck may not be working due to bad wiring or other extensive electrical issues; or your front steps separating from the porch could mean settling and foundation issues. Had these repairs been addressed prior to moving in, the cost could have been included in the initial investment.


Often times a number of issues similar to these are overlooked in the inspection because many are misguided through the inspection process. It is crucial before any home purchase to have a thorough inspection for full understanding of the costs and maintenance involved in the investment. If the proper steps are taken prior to move-in, property value can accurately be assessed and you have the advantage in knowing your investment in its entirety.


Let me help you through this process. I believe it’s very important to connect buyers with the subject matter experts that can thoroughly inspect the property and assess the investment. I’ll walk you through every step of the process and connect you with quality vendors.

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